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SEROCS "Vore"(Brutal Death Metal)

SEROCS "Vore" (June 26th 2020)

Serocs strikes back with "Vore"!
The stellar line-up, featuring members of Chthe'ilist, Benighted and Sutrah, returns two years after their masterpiece "The Phobos/Deimos Suite" with a brand new EP consisting of 5 face melting tracks pushing once again the envelop of technical yet brutal Death Metal, the whole is enriched by two 2011 demo tracks that will showcase the staggering evolution of the band!

“Vore is a very important release for me. It has all the elements of classic Serocs at first but then it transitions into something new and exciting.” (Antonio Freyre)

"In writing the lyrics for Vore, I riffed on the idea that in human behavior, small deeds often generate problems of catastrophic scope. Daily we make individual choices, such as the way we consume, that ultimately are the cause of larger issues, such as ecological collapse. Once triggered, such problems grow autonomously and feed on themselves. At that point, and as individuals, there is hardly anything in our power to reverse the process. Collectively, we give birth to self-devouring monsters through our actions. Controlling them after the fact quickly gets out of our reach.
Building A Shrine Upon Vanishing Sands addresses the issue of sand trafficking, an unfortunately very real phenomenon that is slowly draining the ocean of its sand, destroying marine ecosystems and sinking islands in the process. Unpolished sand is one of the main ingredients found in materials such as concrete and cement, and excessive urban development has exhausted all its sources but the seabed. Thus, sand has become a valuable currency for the nominally “illegal” market, sold to build more infrastructure, to artificially expand islands and even to repair beaches that have been engulfed by that very process. By neglecting the long-term impact of such decisions, we are literally constructing over sinking foundations."
 (Laurent Bellemare)

Serocs began in 2009 as a one-man project by guitarist Antonio Freyre who released 2 EPs and a full length album. The project later transformed into a full-blown international band with the release of 'The Next' and ‘And When the Sky Was Opened’ but it was only with the highly acclaimed "The Phobos/Deimos Suite" that the band exploded in its full brutal capacity.

2009 - "Homogenous Dissimilation" Demo
2012 - "So On And So Forth" Demo
2012 - "Oneirology" Album
2013 - "The Next" Album
2015 - "And When The Sky Was Opened" Album
2018 - "The Phobos/Deimos Suite" Album

For fans of:
Spawn Of Possession, Cryptopsy, Severed Savior, Capharnaum and Gorguts

Formats available:
- CD
- Digital

Technical info:
Code: SPIT040
Reamped, mixed and mastered by Hugues Deslauriers at Roarrr Sound Studio, Montreal.
Vocals engineered and recorded by Laurent Bellemare.
Guitars (Right channel) engineered by Merlina E. Zawpup, recorded by Antonio Freyre.
Guitars (Left channel) and bass recorded by Antoine Daigneault.
Drums recorded by Kévin Paradis at Paradise Lounge Studio, FR.
Solos on "Building A Shrine Upon Vanishing Sands" recorded by Phil Tougas.
All lyrics written by Laurent Bellemare.
"Anthropic" music by Freyre, Daigneault and Tougas.
"Building A Shrine Upon Vanishing Sands" music by Freyre.
"Shallow Vaults" music by Daigneault.
"The Temple Of Knowledge" music by Quinn Medefesser, Freyre and Daigneault.
"To Self Devour" music by Freyre, Daigneault and Tougas.

Laurent Bellemare - Vocals (also in Sutrah)
Antonio Freyre - Guitar
Antoine Daigneault - Guitar, Bass (also in Chthe'ilist)
Kévin Paradis - Drums (also in Benighted)

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