Tuesday, September 15, 2020

ABYSS, BESNA – SPLIT ( Review by Varg The Mighty )

Today’s review is of the Black Metal split of German band Abyss and Slovakian band Besna. With only 2 songs of each band, they are perfectly able of showing us what they’re capable of.
The songs of Abyss are the purest Black Metal ones, and they have a very fast and melodic approach similar to the Swedish scene, but with its personal style included, and they give us a perfect dose of grim majesty. They are also not completely pure, since one may consider the band plays Blackened Death Metal, but their splendorous result is much more dark than most bands that only play Black Metal. They may remain unnoticed given that the German scene lacks of good bands, but these are surely one of the few exceptions.
On the other hand, the songs of Besna may be considered Post-Black Metal, with soft and ethereal parts especially on the song “Jazero” that reminds us of bands like Alcest, but instead of renouncing completely to the aggressiveness of the original genre to gain more elegance, these keep a hold of the strength of Extreme Metal. In fact, if you only listen to certain parts of the songs, you may think this is a common Eastern European Black Metal band, but they surely aren’t, since they combine the power of Black Metal with the glamour of Blackgaze to achieve songs that fit just fine in a split with a band that plays more purely like in this case.
I recommend this split if you enjoy Black Metal, Black Death, Melodic Black Metal or Post-Black Metal. Even if you only like one of the subgenres you will probably like this release.


                                                       Review by Varg The Mighty

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