Tuesday, September 22, 2020

FORSAKEN AGE - Heavy Metal Nightmare

FORSAKEN AGE from Auckland / New Zealand are active since 2009! In this time some material was recorded but only one album was released so far.


"Heavy Metal Nightmare" is finally their second work and convinces with typical heavy Metal sound and a really good female vocalist! The musical style is 80s Metal and if you wouldn't know it better you surely thought it was made in the 80s!


The focus is on catchy songwriting with remarkable hooks! Combine German 80s Metal and NWoBHM and you have as a result the new album from FORSAKEN AGE! Definitely recommended for 80s Metal maniacs!

1. Death Terror
2. Raven‘s Cry
3. Ride On
4. Fire In Our Hearts
5. Blood Magick
6. Iron Overlord
7. Heavy Metal Nightmare
8. Running In The Dark
9. Hail And Farewell
10. Guardians Of The Damned
11. Time Warrior

Total Playing Time: 42:07 min


Chrissy Scarfe – vocals
Billy Freeman – guitars, backing vocals
Lee Scarfe – bass, backing vocals
Aidan MacNaughton – guitars

Tam Cramer – drums


special guest:
Tim RIPPER Owens (song 2) – on vocals


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