Friday, September 11, 2020


Today’s review is of Canadian Folk Metal band Protokult’s new album, a diverse offering that drastically expands the horizons of Folk.
You could consider this Progressive, given the elaborate it is, but it doesn’t quite fit within the style. Ranging from Pirate Metal songs like Alestorm to Black Metal to Thrash Metal to ballads to Death Metal, you can’t really pin down this album within a single subgenre.
With songs that a fan of any kind of metal fan may enjoy even if they detest the rest of the album, this band comes stronger than ever with this release. It is incredible how they manage to play well in every style they play and somehow manage to give a same aura to the music that may let you know it’s a Protokult song.
Together with the great musicianship you also have a soft female voice perfectly capable of an operatic display and the occasional male voice that ranges from Brutal Death Metal-like vocals to soft melodies like modern Enslaved to anything in-between.


This band is definitely unique, and highlighting any song would be futile given their uniqueness. I recommend this album to anyone who like any type of Folk Metal (from Pirate to Celtic to Viking) and to anyone who likes music that mixes multiple genres without falling into Avant-Garde.

                                                      Review by Varg The Mighty

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