Sunday, September 6, 2020


We have just released our debut EP ‘Halfway to Hell’ on all streaming platforms and wish to ask you for a review and/or airplay.
Usually Ransom are playing in pubs and clubs each weekend in the SW London/ Surrey areas as a much in demand classic rock covers band.
But due to the corona lockdown and all gigs being canceled, we were inspired to write some our own material. We released the first song to our Facebook followers and after a great response decided to record an EP and crowdfund the project. We were blown away with the response and hit our £1000 target inside two weeks. 
Somehow the EP got leaked to Neal Kay and he gave us a stonking review (on our website) which blew us away, we also had the chance to get a meeting with him for a couple of hours and it looks like there is a possibility may be working with him on some new material further up the line.
We would appreciate your thoughts and support of ‘Halfway to Hell’
Our Website:
Links to WAV Files (listen and download):
You can also find us on most streaming platforms.

“RANSOM sound to me, like a very determined and dedicated outfit, obviously benefiting from all those long hours and many gigs playing various covers. This has lead to a tight interlocking dedicated band who have actually managed to come up with more complex material than the average 3 piece back line and front-man format usually has.

With their semi-American feel, especially the vocal input, and the extraordinary bass and guitar work RANSOM must surely now be at their career crossroads with the release of this 4 track self-penned BANGER of an EP, and must make some hard decisions in the months ahead. However, overall, I reckon that they are already well above average, and have a very strong future potential if the right path is taken!

I wish them well with the release of this EP, I recommend it to their fan base, and may they enjoy the very best of luck for the future."

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