Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Social Breakdown releases EP with the weight and sonorous speed of skate punk


Social Breakdown has just released on all streaming platforms through Electric Funeral Records, the EP entitled "Just My Lazy Way To Be".
The band was formed in early 2016 with the intention of making authorial rock, and navigating the influences of each of its members, which ended up resulting in a punk rock / skate punk with a few hints of alternative rock.

In 2017 they recorded their demo, entitled "Nothing Changes If You Don't Even Try", at Sotão studio, São Paulo, Brazil. This work yielded a tour with 32 concerts, through several houses and events in Brazil. 

The band's second record, the EP "Just My Lazy Way To Be", is a more mature and consistent work. The one-year process, between pre-production, recording, results in four songs with a lot of energy and melodies and aggressiveness. The album was recorded at Porto Produções Musicais in São Paulo, and the mix / master was made by Raul Zanardo.

These songs record the new moment of the band, which after some changes in bass players, established itself as a quartet. The band's current line-up features Tom on vocals and bass, Danilo Bizarro and Thiago Santo on guitars and Leandro Cardozo on drums.

Listen "Just My Lazy Way To Be":
Check out the music video for "Another Lie" that makes up the EP "Just my lazy way to be" :


Equipe Collapse Agency
Flavio Neto, Rafael Neutral e Sylvia Sussekind.

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