Friday, October 2, 2020

Angel of Vengeance (Melodic Power Metal -Thailand)

Angel Vengeance is melodic power metal  band from Bangkok, Thailand, formed in the late of 2017 by Stout (bass, lead vocals) and co-founder, Tuzz (guitars, vocals). Before Angel Vengeance era, Stout was also the founder and bassist of Mystic Angel, power metal band formed in 2005, played cover songs from Deep Purple ,Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Helloween, and Angra together with their own songs composed by Stout performed in many gigs and metal festivals in Thailand and disbanded because of personal reasons in 2008. After that Stout was asked to join Sugar Rocket, a cover band which covered the songs from Iron Maiden, Metallica, Skid Row, Bon Jovi, and Guns N’ Roses after disbanded at the end of 2016, Stout had an idea to form his new band, Angel Vengeance. Stout persuaded Tuzz to join Angel Vengeance according to suggestion from ex-drummer of Mystic Angel. Back in university, Stout and Tuzz have been friends before but playing the music in different metal bands. Stout named his new metal band as Angel Vengeance together with the stuffs of the songs presented to Tuzz. At the same time, Stout started designing Angel Vengeance’s band logo too. About Tuzz, he has been influenced by many heavy metal bands from ‘80s and ‘90s especially guitar heroes. Back in 2010, Tuzz formed a metal band named Superheroes which originally consisted of Tuzz (guitars) and Nomkhon (drums) played cover songs of Racer X and Dream Theater but in a short period. Then, Tuzz was asked to join Zafary, another cover band in the position of guitarist and producer, performed the cover songs of Mr.Big and Led Zeppelin in many gigs and music festivals in Thailand. Tuzz's style was inspired by Paul Gilbert, Kiko Loureiro combined with beautiful melody of classical music. And in 2013, after graduated from the university, Tuzz decided to stop playing guitar because of disbanding of Zafary due to personal reasons within the members.
Until late of 2017, Stout called Tuzz to join Angel Vengeance. Shortly after that, Tuzz had asked his close friends from college by Stout’s suggestion to join Angel Vengeance, they are Nomkhon and Chen.
Nomkhon (drums) and Chen (guitars, vocals) who share the same musical passion to join the band. Chen’s inspiration from many guitarists especially Yngwie Malmsteen and John Petrucci, he was the founder and guitarist in Taiwanese metal band named Dou Yuetuan before, covered the songs from Dream Theater and Helloween, playing the music in Taipei, Taiwan. While Nomkhon, the drummers are inspired by Mike Portnoy and Jason Rullo, covered the songs from Dream Theater and Symphony X, performed at music festivals in Bangkok, Thailand.
With the current line-up Stout, Tuzz, Chen, and Nomkhon, Angel Vengeance started making their full album in recording studios and performed the gigs in Japan on the first half of November 2018 during recording periods and end up with Piet Sielck for mixing and mastering sessions in June and July 2019. After finished all recording processes, Angel Vengeance got the great chance from Mike at Downfall Records to release their full debut album, titled Angel of Vengeance in April 16th, 2020.
Music style of Angel Vengeance contains with powerful vocals, twin-lead and harmony guitars together with fabulous bass and technical drums sessions. Theme of this album is about law of Karma and the Apocalypse, Angel of Vengeance would come into the world to punish all the sinners who live in these rotten world.

Band Line-Up:
Stout (bass, lead vocals)
Tuzz (guitars, vocals)
Chen (guitars, vocals)
Nomkhon (drums)

CD Track Listings:
1. Before The Storm (Toccata)
2. Open Your Eyes
3. Unite
4. Karmageddon (Curse of Evil)
5. Street of Tomorrow
6. Burn The Night
7. Angel of Vengeance
8.Blood of The Brothers

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