Friday, October 30, 2020

Extreme Sound Records Online Festival releases full lineup



 The label and label Extreme Sound Records, in partnership with the Eu Support o Nacional Nacional, Reverbera Music Media and Estúdio 4ALL, present on Friday 13th of November, at 8pm, the first edition of “Extreme Sound Records - Online Festival“ .

The Festival features 12 national and international extreme metal bands, including Incognosci, Verthebral, Sangre, Sacramentia Reversed, Coyote BadTrip, Dark Tower, Voracce, Ancestral Malediction, Disruption Path, Forceps and Madness and comments between the blocks. Max Kolesne (Krisiun), Silvio Golfette (Ex-Korzus), Jéssica Mar (journalist and collector), Fernanda Ferrer (actress and presenter), Thiago Zóio and Davi Araújo (Metal Mania Program). The live broadcast takes place on Youtube from the Extreme Sound Recods label and on Facebook on the “Eu Apoio o Metal Nacional” page. Curated by Estúdio 4ALL, responsible for editing and broadcasting the event. Reverbera Music Media is the official press officer of the event.

The musicians from some of the participating bands will be online interacting with the public during the broadcast on Youtube and Facebook.

Extreme Sound Records is a national and independent label and label, focused on releases and distribution of national and international Extreme Metal bands. For more than three years in the market, I work supporting various bands, doing physical and digital distribution. The label has more than twenty releases, among national and international bands such as, Funeratus, Krisiun, Bloodbath and Unleashed.

It operates with an online store with over a thousand titles in the catalog. To learn more, access the site da Extreme Sound Records.



Show: Extreme Sound Records - Online Festival

Location: Extreme Sound Records (YouTube) and Eu Support Metal Nacional (Facebook)

Address :
Youtube and Facebook

 Date: Friday, 11/13/2020

Hours: 8:00 pm

Facebook event link :


For more about EXTREME SOUND RECORDS visit the official channels FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM and SITE.

For more about EXTREME SOUND RECORDS visit the official channels FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM

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