Wednesday, October 7, 2020

KING OV WYRMS – LORD OV THRONES / Review by Varg The Mighty

American One-Man Black Death Metal band King Ov Wyrms will release their debut album next month, and it is a great display of what this style should be.
With extreme drums like in the strongest of Death Metal and a good Black Metal voice the album’s complexity becomes beautifully aggressive with a great guitar distortion.
Despite being an extreme display of brutality similar to the average ban of this subgenre, all flows towards technique that manages to incorporate slower bits like in “Ascendance Of A Continual One”, elaborate riffs like in “The Great Sleeper”, long songs that don’t sound stretched and last but not least catchy songs like “From Below”, all without losing the very characteristic sound of an American band.
I recommend this album to fans of Black Death Metal, this one is better than the average, even if it is quite too long.

                                                            Review by Varg The Mighty

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