Thursday, October 29, 2020

LØVVE - Tours, France

 Lovve is a French band based in the city of Tours, they have just released their second LP "After the rain the sun comes out" with 12 songs in the vein of their thunderous first album "Power Violence" of 2017, their songs are pure energy , short, fast, played and sung with all the rage, fastcore / power violence bordering on grindcore at times.



1.After the rain the sun comes out 01:36
2.Good weather never lasts 00:35
3.So many bills 01:12
4.Dark circles 01:27
5.Cerebellum 01:22
6.Cognitive Dissonance 01:45
7.Sink or swim 01:39
8.Empty 01:29
9.The wrong target 01:25
10.Red sun 01:18
11.Gimme lies for truth 01:19
12.Against me 02:45 


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