Saturday, October 3, 2020

SCIMITAR – SHADOWS OF MAN (Review by Varg The Mighty )

The wait has been long but surely worth it, for the second album of the Canadian Folk Metal band Scimitar is of high quality.
Their musical style is very unique, combining elements of Death Metal with folk instruments and their main style, Blackened Folk Metal of the likes of early Einherjer. While on most songs this comparison seems unlikely on most of the album’s duration, the title track in its both parts for example really brings back that lost essence.
On the other hand, tracks like “Flayed On The Birch Rack” include more experimentation into the domains of Death Metal, sometimes even slightly Melodic Death Metal in terms of virtuosity, but the main Blackened Folk style isn’t really lost on any song, even when it sounds like if Running Wild were to play Extreme Metal.
This album is very interesting with its combination of innovation with old-school mastery, bringing this album as a result thanks to the notable talent of the musicians. I recommend this album to fans of Folk Metal and Viking Metal.


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