Wednesday, November 25, 2020

DEIMLER – ZERO ONE (Review by Varg The Mighty )

Today’s review is of Spanish Death Metal band Deimler’s debut EP.
Consisting of 4 original songs and a nice cover of Avulsed’s “Bodily Ransack”, this EP proves that the band has a great start and is filled with potential. Taking Death Metal to a kind of modern but not technical plane, they have a cavernous sound aided by deep vocals and a slightly slow and military rhythm that makes us think of Bolt Thrower, especially on the title track.
Another notable trait is their approach, that leans towards Brutal Death Metal with some slight change of pointless brutality for darkness that fits pretty well with their style (take for instance “Indoctrinate”). To finish perfecting their songs, there are also plenty simple yet filling solos, that with the use of little notes and technique are able to bring even lower depths to their sound. This is a good Death Metal band, and hopefully we’ll hear more of them soon.
I recommend this to fans of Death Metal, Death Doom Metal and Brutal Death Metal. My rating is of 9/10.


                                                   Review by Varg The Mighty


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