Tuesday, November 10, 2020

SINSID – ENTER THE GATES ( Review By Varg The Mighty )

Today’s review is of Norwegian Heavy Metal band Sinsid’s second album.
This band plays Heavy Metal with its most epic, sword & sorcery inspired side to it, quite like Manowar, Spirit Adrift, Cirith Ungol or many others. The result are heavy, classic and catchy songs, from which I personally highlight the title track and “Hail To The Gods”.
These songs are good for an old-school oriented band, but as the album progresses, it feels like it lacks some innovation since it doesn’t quite escape basic chords, progressions and almost always pentatonic solos, but if the formula works it isn’t that important to alter it. This album is pretty decent if you’re in the mood for some classic, NWOBHM-inspired stuff to headbang at. It is also notable the slightly different feeling to each song that makes them complement each other, like for example some occasional acoustic parts between the legendary tales.
I recommend this album to fans of NWOBHM and Epic Heavy Metal.

 My rating is of 8,5/10.

                                                     Review By Varg The Mighty


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