Friday, November 20, 2020

Tales of Pain Metalcore / Deathcore EP

For Fans Of: Counterparts, Knocked Loose and Hundreth

From Melbourne, Australia, "Tales Of Pain", the debut EP of the metalcore project Reap (her), comes out with the force of a bomb. Behind this EP there is the personal universe of the vocalist at the center of this creature with violent but also melodic sounds. A project that starts from the expressive need of a single and then takes shape together with important musicians under the name Reap (her). Metalcore, post-hardcore and melodic-hardcore intertwine with dynamism, winding through mixes that refer to the sounds of bands such as Counterparts, Knocked Loose and Hundreth. But if the music is clearly positioned in the genres mentioned, it is the lyrics that are unique, biographical and with a strong narrative content.

The singer, speaking of "Tales Of Pain" said: "This is debut EP born from my story, it represents what my life has been in recent years. It is very personal and in writing the lyrics I drew a lot from my experience. Putting my thoughts to music has helped me a lot through some of the most painful and sad moments of my life. I needed an outlet and in Reap (her) I feel I have total control over what is my expressive charge. " the EP was released on November 14 on all digital platforms and is proposed as a concentrate of aggression, pain, sadness but also the desire and need to go back and find one's lost path. "Tales Of Pain" is a set of stories of great depth and humanity that speak the language of metalcore to be heard.




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