Tuesday, November 17, 2020


Today’s review is of the upcoming Vampirska (United States) and Glemt (United Kingdom) Unholy Black Metal split, out on January.
This split is of 2 very new bands, and it is pretty average for the style (just another Darkthrone / Burzum / Katharsis worship split), but there are some interesting parts.
Firstly, the side of Vampirska includes a 3-part song based on monotony and excessively distorted and headache-inducing sound that has very average tremolo picking riffs over drums that can’t be heard (only some occasional plate) with random shrieks on top that seemingly mean nothing but a mediocre attempt at insanity similar to the ones of an NSBM band. Perhaps with a slightly better defined sound and melodic variations some improvement may be heard in the future.

On the other side, the Glemt part includes 6 songs with more to them. With an also very distorted but at least intelligible sound, there are also slower dark passages and even an occasional keyboard that brings gloomy DSBM (most notably on “Bastille Visions Of What Is To Come”) or even Dungeon Synth influences (like on “Forever Wandering Through Jacobean Hallways”), The vocals are also pretty common but objectively better and actual melodies can be distinguished. Glemt has a seemingly better concept and it will be interesting to hear more about the project.
I recommend this split to fans of Raw, Unholy Black Metal. My rating is of 7/10.

                                                    Review by Varg The Mighty


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