Wednesday, December 2, 2020

ADVENTUS presents the cover of “MORIR Y RENACER”.


ADVENTUS presents the cover of "MORIR Y RENACER"

The band formed by Víctor García, Manuel Ramil, Fernando Mon, Luis Melero and Alberto Ardines has presented the cover of what will be their first album “Morir y Renacer”, an album that will be released in December 2020





Both the cover and the artwork of the album are the work of the artist Daniel Alonso (

All the design work on the album is the result of a search to translate the musical and lyric concept of the 11 songs that make up the album into images.

“Morir y Renacer” will be released on December 2 in Pre-sale by Cd Music / Duque Producciones and will be distributed by Maldito Records.





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