Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Isra Ramos presents the first single from the second part of 'Black Jack' (Amadeüs)


The theme will be divided into two, unified under the title of "The Phantom Romance", being the one that we now present to you, the first preview of both parts.

In this single that continues the story of the aforementioned album, we will find the musicians:

Isra Ramos (Avalanch, Amadeüs, Gräce): Voice

Alfred Romero (Dark Moor): Voice

Nacho Ruíz (Full Rune): Voice

Alberto Román (Amadeüs): Guitar

Rubén Lanuza (Amadeüs): Guitar

Gonzalo Moldes (Amadeüs): Drums

Dirk Schlächter (Avalanch / Gamma Ray): Bass
El Dolor Fantasma  will see the light very soon and will be the first of a succession of new songs that Isra Ramos will present to us little by little, all in parallel with his new musical project, Gräce.

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