Monday, December 28, 2020

Raven Black Night

Raven Black Night formed in 1999 in the city of Adelaide Australia with founding members Jim. Petkoff[guitar/vocals] and Rino Amor[guitar] are various line ups and demos the band recorded choose the dark 2005 with Matt Spencer on bass/vocals and Joe Toscano on drums the release saw much touring around Australia and lots of interest from Europe and Germany. In 2007 Raven Black Night played the headbangers open air ,hells pleasure and hard and heavy summer nights to amazing responses giving the band a live reputation. Upon return Jim and Rino with various line ups toured Australia playing metal festivals and then recorded with Chris Dorian on bass and matt Enright on drums for the Metal blade release Barberian Winter that also received many great reviews and sales the world over and established the band on a greater leval.In 2020 Jim and Rino with Big tom on [bass] from the loving tongue jims other band and Con Tunis recorded Run with the Raven released through saol/cmm records Germany.The band plans for a quick follow up and start touring asap.

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  1. stay rocking and metal to all Jim Raven Black Night