Friday, January 22, 2021

Bindrune Recordings , Jan 2021


2021 lurks before us, perhaps offering a glimmer of hope amidst the ruins, but in spite of it all, Bindrune Recordings is poised to bring all of you perhaps our most creatively adventurous and exciting year to date. We have many new releases planned from many of our long standing and beloved artists, along with some new bands that we are honored to be working with. More on that in the coming days/weeks, but for now, here is a quick run down of what will be going to the plant in the immediate future along with a brief glimpse into what has been taking place in the musical lives of some of our roster during this pandemic world. 

Thank you one and all for over 20 years of support! Let's try to salvage some fragments of sanity for this upcoming year... together...
BR069 Panopticon - ...And Again into the Light LP w/ CD included/Digital
It has been several years since Austin Lunn has released a full-length and ...And Again into the Light promises to be emotionally crushing post black metal with moments of intense heaviness. Every release from Lunn has shown immense progression within the creative sphere of what Panopticon holds close to his heart from a songwriting perspective. This album expands upon a myriad of emotions from quiet and suffocating, to leveling movements enraged by a wall of death metal. Over 70 minutes of material graces ...And Again into the Light, but it feels like it's over in an instant.

No Clean Singing was kind enough to interview Austin this week to get the details behind this album and also premier the video for the song "Know Hope".

BR067 Nemorous - Nemorous LP w/CD included/Digital
From the ashes of Wodensthrone, rises Nemorous! This brilliant quintet has emerged from obscurity with 4 new tracks along with a cover of In Gowan Ring's "The Wind That Cracks the Leaves". Powerful and moving black metal teeming with atmosphere and rich melodic elements that share an obvious connection of where this band has come from creatively, but introduces new structural elements that hint at even more progression and fire to come. We will be unveiling the cover and a track/video premier soon!

BR068 Tvaer - Uvaer LP w/ CD included/Digital
Minnesota is a hotbed for nature fueled black metal and Tvaer are one of the most spirited and mighty bands emerging from this state. Uvaer is thus far the bands most evolved and well composed material to date. With 5 new tracks that revel in the primitive past, yet embrace a moving sense of melody that dwells within dissonance, Tvaer's debut full-length is a poignant statement of intent that will appeal to connoisseurs of Scandinavian inspired blackness along with fans that find solace in the murky deep woods of what the US has to offer from a black metal perspective. We shall share the cover and a track premier in the coming days!

It has been nearly 6 years since the release of Heart of Akamon, but Nechochwen has been remaining creative throughout this passage of time. 2020 saw new material in the form of the split with Panopticon and this was a glimpse into what will be unleashed in 2021. The band is finishing up recording the final track for the yet untitled album and having heard a few tracks in various stages of completion, all I can say is that this new material stands to be Nechochwen's most skillfully crafted, creatively diverse and moving material in their catalog. I, like all of you, can't wait to hear the final product. We shall be sharing an album title, cover art and a song or 2 when they are available. Also, we have discussed reissuing Heart of Akamon on wax along to go along with the new album, so stay tuned for more info! The Ohio valley will soon divulge yet another amazing body of work and we are once again honored to be working with this endlessly talented duo.

Canis Dirus
Message from Canis Dirus:

Rob and I and are extremely excited to announce we have found a permanent drummer! Florida native (now currently residing in Ohio) CJ Yacoub brings a new dimension to the band. Not ‘just’ a metal drummer, as he’s well versed in jazz and prog and we feel that he will bring with him a solid backbone and a youthful exuberance.

CJ just finished tracking drums for two new Canis Dirus songs and we are looking forward to getting started on the writing process for the next full length album.

He plays drums and contributes vocals to his bands Neverdawn (thrash metal) and Amun (experimental black metal) and most recently played session drums on the latest Robes of Snow full length album.

CJ is endorsed by Soultone Cymbals.

Todd has been asked to contribute vocals to a new Crown of Asteria song which will appear on a fund raiser compilation album for the non profit organization SANANIM in the Czech Republic. SANANIM is a non profit who’s been around for 30 years and works with folks who are struggling with drug addiction. Look for this compilation to be released via Bandcamp.

You can get more information as it’s released on the Crown of Asteria Bandcamp page here:

The Glorious Dead
Unable to capitalize on the buzz surrounding Into Lifeless Shrines with live shows, The Glorious Dead have hidden away in the rehearsal studio and have 7 new tracks in various stages of development, ready for the next release to show for it! There are also plans for a live stream show/event that may happen in February along with a professional video release in the coming days for the title track of the album. Always moving forward! Always trying to evade the grave!

Upcoming LP Reissues:
- Chaos Moon - Languor into Echoes, Beyond LP (First time on vinyl with new and improved artwork!)

- Panopticon - Collapse 2LP (Fully remixed and Remastered)

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