Thursday, January 14, 2021


CobraKill comes from the Teutonic Woods and we were founded in early 2020.
We play a mix of hard rock and heavy metal, we are influenced by bands like Mötley Crüe, WASP ,Judas Priest, Lizzy Borden and Twisted Sister.
In terms of outfit, we have hairspray, makeup, leather and rivets. So we are moderately influenced by styling, especially by the 1st-4th bands.
Currently we are made up of people:
Logan Lexi vocals
Randy White guitars
Our demo is currently online on various streaming platforms and the CD will be released in September. For Europe the CD is 5 euros and worldwide 10 euros. Shipping is included.
The CD will be released without label support and will therefore be marketed directly by us.
A few more key data about the demo.

Line up:
Logan Lexi- Vocals
Randy White- Guitars

Session Musiker:
Jochen M.- Bass
Eike J.- Drums

Produced by Marco Brinkmann von Hellforge Studio
Recorded by Menny Leusmann von Monkey Moon Recordings
Master and Mixing by Alexander Stöcker (Guitar- Stallion)


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