Saturday, January 9, 2021

GOAT - Greece

The birth of GOAT has been detonated in the beginning of the millenium (2000) GOAT represents askio style sound (Faceless God,Schizoparanoic Platoon,Fullmoon Cult) located in Ptolemaida ,West Macedonia ,Hellas.
GOAT is rooted in violence and darkness from the TITANS Impiety,Sarcofago,Thou Art Lord,Basphemy,Mortuary Drape,Von,Beherit,Shub Niggurath,Marduk,Faceless God,Impaled Nazarene,Root.                
The band's first rehearsal was recorded in 2001 named 'GOAT' and the second 'BURNING SKY'in 2002.After 2004 the band went into a hiatus untill 2011.                                  

Gree In 2011 begun some upgrades of all old tracks and for differen reasons the recordings were postponed untill2020.So ,after 20 years of silent existance GOAT  is ready to spread the violence again.


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