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On November 13, specifically, was when the new album by HURRACO's MASSACRE was released, one of our most interesting modern, powerful and powerful metal bands. The new work is called “Chaosmology”, he publishes it Lady Stone Music And, as we say, it's removing the foundations of the extreme metal scene. They themselves think about the album and present it to us:
For us "Chaosmology" is a bit of an evolution of what we were already trying in the first job. It is true that it was more raw and with a more classical touch, but there was still that alternation between a more direct Thrash / Death style, more ambient parts or “blackies” or songs with a little more core component. What we do believe that we have achieved is to take a quality leap in terms of better structured songs, better technique and new elements, although the essence remains.
Apart from the title itself, another very significant point is the cover of it. They explain it to us themselves, relating it to the content of "Chaosmology" and the oriental aura that it has in the background:
The cover reflects the conceptual idea of ​​the album: that ‘struggle’ between the order that prevails and the chaos that tries to build something new. In between the two appears the eternal cycle between those two phases that we experience as a planet, as a society and as individual people. In fact, this on the cover itself is reflected in the two Hindu goddesses facing each other. In Hindu mythology, their beliefs are based on that there are no absolutes, if they consider a destructive deity, it is because it destroys to create, if it is a deity of death, it is also usually a carrier of life ...

HURRACO´s MASSACRE were formed in 2014, and their influences come from genres such as Thrash, Death, Groove, Black Metal and even Grindcore, although it can be summarized as "extreme metal of the first line and maximum personality". With two albums already on the market (the first is "The Night of the madness", released in 2016) we can say that they are prepared to storm both the national and international markets with the help of this great "Chaosmology". The disc has been recorded in Corte 3 Estudioand mixed and mastered by Diego Teksuo. Are you joining the massacre?
As more recent news, apart from reminding you that the album is available on the main digital platforms
 (SpotifyYoutube o Bandcamp), For weeks, there has also been a physical edition of the album, for those who want to purchase it in this format. Apart from digital platforms, as we say, the album is already available in physical format (and at the price of 10 euros, plus shipping) both through the propia banda, and Lady Stone Music or at these stores / points of sale in your city:

Mordor Rock Bar (calle Marqués del Duero 3

Faroles Taberna Rock (Paseo Farnesio 19

Cerveceria Velardes (calle Arzobispo Gandasegui 5

Also, note that the band participated in the local end of the year program in their city. It was called "Gala Dos Mil Vete", all of it by the hand ofVadeocio y Corte3 Estudio de Grabación. The gala was composed of Music, dance, mime, interviews with the most powerful characters in the cultural environment of the city ... all of them local artists from Valladolid. local artists. More than 100 people giving everything for a common goal.

Thank you for remembering us and making room for extreme metal at the event, which is increasingly present in our city. We see the complete gala in the following link, highlighting that HURRACO´s MASSACRE appear at 31:59 ofl vídeo.

The band is available for interviews: written, by phone and by video call (in addition to some face-to-face in your city, Valladolid, or surroundings). We also have some physical copies of promo, under commitment of review interview. More information, disc included, available for download at the Presskit of the group.
Our goal is to continue growing as a band and bring all the force and force of our music to all possible place


Biografía breve - HURRACO´S MASSACRE

We are an extreme metal group formed in 2014 in the city of Valladolid. The line-up was varying until reaching the current one since 2016: David C. (voice), Rodri (guitar), Alex (guitar), Pedro (bass) and David M. (drums).
In that 2016, our first EP titled
The Night of the Madness”, Self-produced album, recorded and mastered at Dobro Producciones studios. The album was presented with the Mexican band BRUJERÍA on their tour of Spain. In 2019 our first video clip was released, of the theme “The Mask of the Red Death”, recorded by Espacio de Luz studio.

In 2020 we released our second album, “Chaosmology”, which reflects the leap in both compositional and technical quality of the band at this time. And we come to 2021 with a lot of desire to continue growing and advancing in our career.

To close, here we have the video clip for “Circle of fear”, which is having excellent acceptance both on YouTube (with almost 20,000 views) and on Spotity as a digital single (reaching 4,000 listeners). All this in just over two months of exposure. The video has been recorded and edited by Cuatro Siete Zero Radio Musical

We see it:

More information about HURRACO´s MASSACRE in the following links:


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