Monday, January 11, 2021

Moshbowl - Land Of Losers (Punk Rock - Catalonia/Spain)

Moshbowl is a power punk rock trio whose songs are sung in English. It was founded in Linyola (Lleida / Catalonia) in 2014 under the formation of Ramon as vocalist and guitarist, Lluc as drummer and Adrián as bassist.
Influenced mainly by the 80s and 90s punk rock, rock and hardcore began to compose their first songs and give their first concerts characterized by adrenaline and absurd humor which they also reflected in their videos.
In June 2019 they recorded their first album "Land Of Losers" at the EM studied together with Xavi Escribano.


Moshbowl are presented with this first Ep where they collect 7 cuts of fast and forceful pun rock that are characterized by a message of social discontent and frustration as for example in "Welcome To Sicktown", "Domesticated" and in other more personal songs like "Nowhere Fast "or" Try Again "being this last subject the single of the disc.

Xavi Escribano (EM Estudi) was in charge of the recording, mixing and mastering, perfectly capturing the essence of the band and the cover design is in charge of EL VIGILANTE.

Video clip
Videoclip directed by Ramon Sanmartin, tells a funny story alluding to the world of Skate, where the characters are involved in crazy situations. Influenced by independent films from the 90's like "Mallrats", "Tank Girl" or SLC Punk! ".

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                          MOSHBOWL "Welcome to Sicktown" (Audiosingle)



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