Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Out on February 2021 Fist of the Seven Stars act 1 "Fist of Steel" (Remixed and Remastered)

This is a REMIXED AND REMASTERED version with BONUS TRACK and includes the SINGLE "BLACK GATE".

The single "BLACK GATE" includes 2 songs: "The Sacred School" and a different version of "Black Gate".


1) The Sacred School

2) Fist of Steel

3) She's mine

4) Mistake

5) Seven Stars

6) A new beginning

7) Break me

8) My Advance

9) To love, ever invain

10) Sacrifice

11) Black Gate

12) Revenge invain

13) Decide your destiny

14) Black Gate (Single Version)

15) Ken il Guerriero (Bonus Track, Spectra 1986)


This Rock opera is dedicated and freely adapted from the manga and anime "Hokuto no Ken" by Tetsuo Hara and Buronson and will be a trilogy of albums. In this Act 1 we will see the first part of the story the girlfriend of the protagonist is kidnapped by his enemy and rival in martial arts, and forms part of a different school ... Leaving him dying back after a long time to get revenge and take back what is his... But she is dead....?!?!? To be continued...

A story that has become legend in Japan and in the world… credits released February 7, 2016


Line up


Gabriels: All the Keyboards, Piano, Synth, Hammond and background vocals

Wild Steel (Shadows of Steel): Vocals

Dario Grillo (Platens): Vocals

Marius Danielsen: Vocals

Ida Elena (Bare infinity): Vocals

Dave Dell' Orto (Drakkar): Vocals

Iliour Griften: Background Vocals

Antonio Pantano: Vocals and Guitars

Alfonso Giordano (Steel Raiser): Vocals

Maurizio Torrisi: Vocals

Glauber Oliveira (Dark Avenger): Guitars

Stefano Calvagno (Metatrone): Guitars

Giovanni Tommasucci: Guitars

Francesco Ivan Sante’ Dall’O: Guitars

Angelo Mazzeo: Guitars

Tommy Vitaly: Guitars

Andrew Spane: Guitars

Dino Fiorenza (Metatrone): Bass

Christian Cosentino: Bass

Antonio Maucieri: Bass

Francesco Scarfi: Bass

Simone Alberti: Drums

Giovanni Maucieri: Drums

Mike Vader: Drums

Guest: Andrea "Tower" Torricini (courtesy of Vision Divine): Bass and Guitars & Davide Perruzza (Metaphysics): Solo Guitar

Label: diamonds prod.

Originally released February 7, 2016 Out now February 14, 2021


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