Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Tales and Legends: reveals news album "Struggle of the Gods"

The power metal band Tales and Legends reveals some news on the new, work in progress, album that will be released during this 2021.

The album will be titled "Struggle of the Gods" and will be a concept based on the myth of Horus and Seth.

Andrea (keyboardist and founder of the band) reveals that "The original myth will be slightly distorted by the narration of an elderly man telling the story to his grandchildren. Like in the movie Big Fish with Ewan McGregor in which the protagonist tells the stories with a pinch of his imagination and often enriching those tales with invented and imaginative details ".

"In short, I think this will be the common thread that will bind each album of the band, even in the future. That ploy will allow us to write very different concepts from album to album, but every release will have in common the imaginative narration of the elderly man".

Soon the band will also reveal the tracklist of 11 songs from this first album "Struggle of the Gods".


Tales and Legends are:

Patrick J. Selleby - Vocals

Andrea Atzori - keyboards

Carlo Figus - guitars

Michele Sanna - drums

Nicola Piras - bass

Official channels:



Instagram  @talesandlegends



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