Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The album "Demons Within" by Ibiza's Vice City is now available on all digital platforms.

Those of you who want to review the album is now available.
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Thanks in advance.

Vice City - Demons Within on digital platforms.

Here are the links to the main platforms where you can listen to the debut EP of the Mallorcan Groove Metal trio VICE CITY "Demons Within".

Recorded (Live Recording) at Diorama Sound studios and mastered by Hay Zeelen (Sepultura, Satyricon ...), it is a true discharge of rage and outside of this group that was formed in 2009 and that with this debut hopes to open new frontiers reaching to a wider audience.

The EP has been released with Demons Records in CD format that is available on the band's Bandcamp and through the Demons Records website.






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