Sunday, January 31, 2021

Tom Keifer ( Cinderella) by Javier Barba Vallejo

Last Tuesday January 26th, Tom Keifer, singer and guitarist of Cinderella, turned 60 and has been launching his solo career for a few years.
Cinderella is one of my favorite bands, despite having only four studio albums in their discography and I believe that two causes influenced them to achieve the tremendous success with which they began their career.
They were discovered by Jon Bon Jovi when he saw them perform in a Philadelphia club and helped them by taking them on tour after the recording of their magnificent debut LP Night Songs (1986) that sold more than three million copies, with a Hard Rocker Yankee sound. heavily influenced by AC / DC with a touch of Glam, but not his image, which was radically Glam.
I think that after a year of deserved success, Guns 'n' Roses came and went, sweeping and shocking the entire Rock universe with their debut Appetite For Destruction (1987) masterpiece that each of their songs were successful singles and brooch golden to close the best decade that Hard Rock and Heavy Metal have experienced, but whose overwhelming and enormous success also partially eclipsed the popularity of very good bands such as Cinderella and that is the irruption of Guns 'n' Roses in the world del Rock and especially in the United States ate it all overnight.
Despite this, Cinderella repeated success with the publication of their second album Long Cold Winter (1988), fading their Glam image and establishing what would be their definitive and characteristic sound of the band much more Southern, Blues and Country, it would be the tone that they would follow his two subsequent studio albums Heartbreak Station (1990) and Still Climbing (1994) increasingly unnoticed by the general public for having been released in the middle of the Grunje era, in which, like all fashion well carried by marketing, all God of the The music industry turned to that style to be "in vogue" with the new Rock proposed by record companies for the 90s and in the midst of all that Alternative success, Cinderella decided to separate.


                       Cinderella - Shake Me


Already in 2006 they made a Reunion tour with Poison who triumphed in the US and were doing some international performances.
We were lucky to see them here in 2011 on the tour that commemorated the band's 25th Anniversary, I remember they gave expensive concerts for the short time they were on stage, but the one I saw was a short and brutal concert that I enjoyed as of the best.
For his part, Keifer in his solo career visited Barcelona again and has recorded two albums The Way Life Goes (2013) and Rise (2019).
Jeff La Bar the other guitarist released his solo debut One For The Road (2014) and that was a real solo because he only recorded all the instruments on that album !!!!
In addition, at the same time and later with Cinderella, he was involved in the Naked Beggars project with Cinderella bassist Eric Brittingam and his wife Inga also from Southern Rock.
In short, a Cinderella for me was a great band that left a short and intense musical legacy.

                                                   Javier Barba Vallejo



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