Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Unfleshed - "Twisted Path To Mutilation" (Death Metal/Portugal)

After two decades of existence, portuguese death metallers Unleash released their debut full-length "Twisted Path To Mutilation" via Larvae Records.

Their new album features twelve songs over a fleeting hour injected with impious inexorable old school death metal, that will surely satisfy the most avid devotees of Suffocation, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Sinister...and Savage Death Metal! Also includes as bonus, their acclaimed "Exhuming The Bastards" (EP 2000), remastered for this release. 

César C. - Bass and Vocals
David P. - Guitars
José S. - Guitars
Hugo A. - Drums
01. Cadaveric Intercourse
02. Cannibalistic Homicide
03. Lingering Sore
04. Covered In Shit Drowned In Piss
05. Shotgun Fellatio
06. March To The Slaugther
07. Everlasting Insanity
08. Divine Molestation
09. Ripped From The Inside *
10. Stabbed Full Of Mayhem *
11. Inherently Dead *
12. Plagued By Inveracity *
* Bonus Tracks - EP "Exhuming The Bastards" (2000) 





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