Friday, February 19, 2021

EVIL SEEDS – THEORY OF FEAR ( Review by Varg The Mighty )

Today’s review is of Basque Heavy Metal band Evil Seeds’ new album.

This album explores the most extreme side of Heavy Metal, with rough riffs and mean vocals. Thanks to the implementation of fast and pounding melodies, it actually even approaches Thrash Metal, although not crossing near Speed Metal as is usual.

In fact, this release sounds like a mix between Nuclear Assault and Painkiller-era Judas Priest, an odd combination that gives a good result nevertheless. My highlights are “King Of The Ring” and “Layers With Blood”. Their approach to Heavy Metal isn’t exactly the most typical, but not for that do they dabble into weird realms. Their achieved combination of 2 well-known structures gives some innovation while still making it easy to hear.

I recommend this album to fans of Heavy Metal and Thrash Metal. My rating is of 8,5/10.

 Review by Varg The Mighty



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