Monday, February 15, 2021


It is a pleasure for Lady Stone Music to announce the signing of the Valladolid metalheads
HURRACO´s MASSACRE. All of this for the release of the group's second album,
"Chaosmology", which we will have here in a few days, specifically on 13
November. In addition, we can already see the new video clip of the group, from the first single
"Circle of fear" (which premiered on October 30).
Of course, HURRACO´S MASSACRE are a perfect band to expand the payroll
of hard bands we already have at LSM (along with SOUTHGATE, FUCK DIVISION and
PARALELUM). Do we give a few general information to get to know this band better
extreme metal?
HURRACO´S MASSACRE was formed in 2014. Its influences come from genres such as
Thrash, Death, Groove or Black Metal. The name, as we can guess, comes from
of one of the most tragic events that occurred in the 90's in Puerto
Hurraco, a small town in Spain (specifically Badajoz). Yes, no
We are talking about a tribute, I do not even remember such a tragic event but it is
from an ironic mockery to the history of the blackest Spain and the caves.
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HURRACO´S MASSACRE we are an extreme metal group formed in 2014 in
the city of Valladolid. The training was varying until reaching the current one in the year
2016. The group is made up of: David C. (voice), Rodri (guitar), Alex (guitar), Pedro
(bass) and David M. (drums)
We have multiple influences, from Thrash or Black to Death and Groove,
managing to create a forceful sound, where we mix more direct and
more classic cut with darker and environmental themes, more modern cut,
thus creating a sound very typical of the band.
In 2016 our first EP was released entitled "The Night of the Madness",
Self-produced album, recorded and mastered at Dobro Producciones studios. The
album was presented with the band Brujeria on their tour of Spain. In 2019 saw the light
our first video clip, of the song "The Mask of the Red Death", recorded by the
study Espacio de Luz.

We have played in numerous Spanish cities such as Madrid, Valencia, Vitoria,
Pontevedra, León, Salamanca, Valladolid or Palencia together with groups as varied as
In 2020 we have recorded our second album, “Chaosmology”, which
It reflects the leap in both compositional and technical quality of the band at this time.
It has been recorded in Corte 3 Estudio and mixed and mastered by Diego Teksuo.
Our goal is to continue growing as a band and bring all the strength and forcefulness
of our music to all possible places.

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