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Interview with Marcos, guitarist for the band Embellish. ( Interview by Didac "Metallian" López )

01 - Hi Marcos, thank you for answering our questions.

     You're welcome, to you for your interest.
02 - Embellish was formed in 2004 by David Gohe and Miky Diablo. You have been in the band from the beginning, can you say that you are also a founding member of the band?

 Yes, it can be said perfectly, since I entered the year 2000, when the band began to be called Las Sombras. I entered replacing the guitar that had recorded the EP `Living¨ es that same year. All the evolution that the band underwent, and the decisions that were decided both musically, new ideas, and image up to the name of EMBELLISH, I was involved in all that.

03 - Before entering to play in Embellish, had you played in any other band?

  Yes. I was playing in 2 bands.
  The first was with some friends that we made melodic Death Metal, very influenced at that time by the sound In Flames, At the Gates and Swedish bands of the style, and the second was a band called Zenit, in which we did Progressive metal, very influenced by Dream Theater, Symphony X and, bands of that style from the late 90's. In mid-2010 I combined EMBELLISH, with another Black / Death Metal project called ENCADENATS, in which I was for about 3 years, where we recorded an album (FERRO) that unfortunately could not see the light, but that today is You can find and listen to anyone you want on YouTube, and where I composed 4 songs and recorded the guitars.

04 - For those who do not know you yet, who and what are you Embellish?

Well, Embellish is a Metal Gothic band, formed in Terrassa (Barcelona), which currently has 3 albums in its career such as `Black Tears and deep songs for lost lovers´ from 2006,` Blindead´ from 2012 and ` A thousand lightyears from you´de 2018, the latter reissued in 2020 on vinyl. The band has 6 official videos on their YouTube channel, `Falling´,` Valley of Broken Smiles´, `Bleed Me´,` A Thousand Lightyears From You´, `Crossing the Skies´ and` Descending Angel´. A band that has been in business for more than 15 years and that we have performed in different parts of the Spanish geography, both touring alone and as opening act for other national and foreign bands.
 Since its inception, the band had David Gohe on vocals, Miky Diablo on guitar, Ernesto on bass, and server on guitar.
 The theme of drums has always been our Achilles heel, hahahahaha. The adventure started with Bud, passing through Gonzalo Moldes and Abel Sequera.
 As of today and almost 3 years ago we have Samuel Lozano on drums, who has already recorded 2 songs with the band, `Crossing the skies´, a bonus song included in the vinyl version of,` A thousand ... ¨ and the cover we did this past 2020 of Mitfits 'Descendeing Angel' for a tribute album jubto to other bands, called 'COVERS AMONG US'. Samuel has fitted the band really well, he offers us what we need and above all he has a great commitment to her, that's why she has won the position and is one more member.

05 - What has changed from the first album "Black Tears and Deep Songs for Lost Lovers" to the current one "A Thousand Lightyears from You"?

The truth is that several things. Over the years the band gains experience, both musically and when it comes to creating ideas.
 Actually the band in these years has undergone a clear musical evolution and a style very clearly marked in Finnish Gothic Metal, with 'Black Tears', to sound much darker and more electronic with' Blindead¨. With `A Thousand.´ we were very clear about the path that the sound of the album had to have, its duration, number of songs, its cover and its design.
 The way of composing is still very faithful to when we started. One brings an idea, looks at it, works, begins to shape it, arranges melodies, solos and finally David creates the lyrics.
 Many times we create what in companies is called 'brainstorming'. Each one brings ideas, whatever they are, even to local ones and we start to look and make a sieve with them. Some from the beginning we see that it has no future but many Sometimes the ones we believe least are the ones that finally see the light, thus the magic of the composition in Embellish emerges.
 I have to say that to this day, we work a lot at home, and David creates music, on the one hand, Miky on his computer and I do the same, then we listen, and as I have told you we decide.

06 - Every time I talk to Miky Diablo, I tell him the same thing. I think if Embellish were a band formed outside our borders, it would be better known. What do you think about this?

  Well, I think the same thing, really. Without a doubt if we were Germans, Austrians, Finns, Swedes, Norwegians even from the United Kingdom, for our musical style without a doubt surely the band as you comment would be much more known, or at least more popular, of that I am sure.

07 - You recently recorded a song for a tribute to Misfits, "Cover Among Us". "Descending Angel", a song that for me you have managed to couple to the Embellish sound. Why did you choose this theme?
 I know that Miky or David took this, I think. The opportunity arose to do a cover of Mitfits, knowing that it would be published on vinyl, along with other bands and we didn't really think about it much. They were looking at several songs and options to choose from, but David was the one who commented that the song `Descending Angel¨ was the perfect one to give it our Embellish touch, and the truth is that it has been a brutal song.

08 - How do you handle the issue of the pandemic with the band's rehearsals, are you already composing for a next job?

 Well, like all bands and artists, fatal.All the dates of concerts and festivals in 2020 went to the trash.
 These are very difficult times for culture; theaters, cinemas, festivals, concerts, museums, etc. are having a terrible time and everything is stopped today, the band has barely stayed to rehearse, it only stayed, for the cover of Mitfits, and well I remembered that we were composing on our own, and wait as things arose.
 This 2021, we have decided to stay, Miky, David Gohe and I to start composing and exposing our ideas, which we are beginning to have today.
  The idea is to compose this year and have new material, to enter the studio by the end of the year, and have a new album for spring 2022, and hope that the Covid issue is already more controlled, and at least be able to present it live and to step on stages again and feel what it is to act live, that we already really want to, really.

09 - Live you have played with bands like Entwine, Negative, To Die For, Charon, The 69 Eyes, Leaves eyes, Atrocity and several more. What has been the best concert for you given by the band until today?

 Well, it's very difficult to choose the truth. If I stayed with those bands it would be with Entwine in Madrid, with Charon in Murcia, and with the 69 Eyes in Madrid and Barcelona. The truth is that the experience of touring with a foreign band is usually very positive and apart from enjoying yourself, you get friends and renown for the band.
  Surely if I were to have a concert by everyone, I would have one that we did in our city in Terrassa, when we held the Blindead album (2012), we came to play a lot, to be some dates with our Morphium friends and at that time the group It was at a very high level, with a lot of filming and I remember that that concert was really brutal, and everything was filmed, the public gave everything from minute 1.

10 - What are your musical influences?

 Uff I am a music lover and a music patient and I listen to everything from classical music to pop, rock, Funky, Disco, progressive, and logicamnete metal.
 In metal I have heard of almost everything; Thrash, Death, Doom, Black, power metal, stoner, Hard Core, gothic, nu metal in short of everything.
  My favorite artists and bands are Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer, Death, Kreator, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Deep Purple, Yes, Queen, The Police, Paradise Lost, The Doors, Megadeth, Dream Theather, Symphony X, Pantera , Skid Row, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Judas Priest, Van Halen, Him, Whithim Temptation, Rammstein, Sodom, Kraftwerk, Samael, Falco, The 69 Eyes, The Cult, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, U2, Michael Jackson, Peter Gabriel, Depeche Mode, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven and many more that I am forgetting.

11 - Whenever a member of a band is asked for the best album of his band to date, they say that the last one. Do you think the same?

 Well in this case I have to give you the reason, our last album, the `A thousand lightyears from you´ for me it is. It is the most mature of the band without a doubt, a very round sound, and some songs that really sound very well.
 But I have to say, that does not mean that for me our first album ^ Black Teras and deep songs for lost lovers¨ still has that special flavor. For many people it is their favorite album of the band, and the truth is that we were pioneers with that An album in this country of a musical style such as Gothic Metal. It made us tour nationally for the first time, opening for many foreign bands and making many friends, so I will always have a very special affection for it.
 And our second album `Blindead¨ I love it because it is perhaps the most experimental and most powerful in sound that we have done to this day, with a very powerful guitar sound and a very American style, but as always with the Embellish touch. It is an album that to this day continues to sound very powerful and dark.

12 - 5 albums that you would take to a desert island?

     Only 5 ? This is going to be difficult.
     As heavy metal, without a doubt I would take the Painkiller by Judas Priest, for me the best heavy metal album in history. I would also take the Paranoid from Black Sabbath, because it is a great album that I love. It would take me in a more power plan, Undoubtedly the Keeper of the seven keys 1 or 2 from Helloween, the Apettite For Destruction from Guns And Roses and I still have one ufff or the Master of Puppets from Metallica or the Seasons in the Abyss from Slayer, one of those two masterpieces of the Thrash metal, although Rust in Peace by Megadeth would also take me, hahahahaha. And I'm going to say one more, because in a Pop plan, I would take the Bad from the great Michael Jackson, without a doubt.

13 - Plans of the band for this year?

 Well, as I have told you before, compose, and try to have a new job to be able to take it out for next year and be able to tour again in 2022.

14 - Finally, say what you want to the readers of Bathory'zine.

     Well, nothing to thank for the opportunity that you offer us, for the great support to EMBELLISH, and wish above all in these complicated times, good health to all and that soon we will be able to enjoy both the bands and the public again of music and live concerts.
    Health and METAL to all !!

    Interview by Didac "Metallian" López



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