Monday, February 22, 2021

New Video: ZaRRaZa - "More Than Hate" - (Extreme Metal)

For fans of Blood Incantation, Slugdge, Irreversible Mechanism

The hungry and half-forgotten gods of mosh-pits should be pleased with it! Living sacrifice performed at high speed with a couple of breakdowns, lavish cuffs, and body mess - a reminder of the pre-lockdown rituals we look forward to reviving...

ZARRAZA is an extreme metal band from Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Watch the new Zarraza video "More Than Hate" from their first full-length album " Necroshiva " which received positive and great reviews from magazines METAL HAMMER and LEGACY , MetalSucks , AngryMetalGuy , Invisible Oranges , NoCleanSinging , etc.

Check out the latest video below:

The video filmed by Nikita Cherevko. Edited by Nikita Cherevko and Nick Khalabuzar.

Zarraza line-up in the video:
Nick Khalabuzar - voice and guitar
Daniyar Aktaev - guitar
Alexander Filatov - bass
Ruslan Konon - drums

They have played shows with EKTOMORF , ARKONA and TYR!

They were approved as a support act for SEPULTURA at Kuturgan Fest 2019 (April

You can follow the band at these links:


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