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"Vlad the trilogy", new EP from DUNKELMIND (progressive metal band)

We´re glad to introduce this new EP from the spanish metal band DUNKELMIND, with an ambicious new effort that you have here now. After two parts of “Memory” (their last album, divided in two parts), the band from Madrid is offering now in this beggining of 2021 their own vision of the story of “Vlad The Impaler”. They want to explain it better and deeper:
DUNKELMIND is back to tell you a story, a myth; half-truth, and half legend, as you were never told before. Welcome to “Vlad: The Trilogy”, the new 6-chapter concept work and three parts in which DUNKELMIND celebrates the life and myth of Vlad Tepes on his way to becoming “Dracula”, the most renown vampire figure in contemporary literature and cinema.
In a mixture of history and fiction, in “Vlad: The Trilogy”, DUNKELMIND travels through the figure of Vlad Tepes, narrating his warrior side as the prince of Wallachia in The Shadow of the Dragon, and revisits the myth of his immortality and later conversion into a vampire thanks to the Pact with the forces of Evil, to later become the Immortal Prince of Darkness

Go deeper into DUNKELMIND´s new musical and cinematic experience, and follow a story conceived to be enjoyed without pause on its “Legend Version” form. If you like Symphonic Metal with a dose of melody and some progressive touches, “Vlad: The Trilogy” is your album. Don’t miss it!
These are the three parts of the EP: 
1 - The Warrior: Tracks 1&2  / 2 - The Pact: Tracks 3&4 / 3 - The Inmortal Prince: Tracks 5&6
In the dossier attached in the presskit you will find the lyrics to all the songs that comprise “Vlad: The Trilogy”. Approach these lyrics as the story behind the Music, which DUNKELMIND wants to tell you. So, here you have the complete presskit of he band, including the album in FLAC and MP3 (apart of bio, pictures, logos..).  Also, you can listen the album already in Spotify or Youtube.

All the films (the old ones and new stories) are all bases in the story of “Vlad The Impaler”, the inmortal book of Bram Stoker and the own fascinating vampire world. In fact, all of us knows Dracula and even the story of “Vlad The Impaler” but… we know as well the figure of Vlad Tepes and the origin and real nature of this character?
Exactly there is starting “Vlad: The Trilogy” and DUNKELMIND, beyond this, wants to inmerse you into a whole and great musical, literary and fantastic world. By the way, in this EP we have the best music, ambiental parts, orchestral arrangements and instrumentations that you can miss it! And of course discover and enjoy the entire story of “Vlad: The Trilogy”.

Tracklistfrom “Vlad the trilogy”:  

  1. Dragon’s Roar 01:29
  2. The Shadow Of The Dragon 06:17
  3. What Is A Monster 00:33
  4. The Pact 06:24
  5. Blood Is The Life 01:26
  6. The Immortal 06:35
  7. Vlad - Legend Version 22:17 
Of course, the album is ready for reviews and the band is available for interviews (by phone, video or mail). Just ask us for your slot or send your questions for the band and we get in contact with the band for you.

Info, contact and main links:  
DUNKELMIND – Actual Line Up (2020 / 2021): Edu Vázquez –Voices / Abraham Vadillo – Guitars / Ali M. Rivero – Keyboards and backing vocals / Raúl Villameytide – Bass / Javi P. “Wände” 


 (which means “dark mind” in a mixture of German and English) is born on the first months of 2011 thanks to three musicians’ inquisitiveness to create Metal songs with progressive touches and a great symphonic influence, giving an overall taste of power, elegance and melody to the full combination.
After a couple of changes in the line-up, DUNKELMIND became more estable in 2013, granting the band a more baroque sound and the possibility to explore and work extra on instrumental passages.  The band studied its concept, aesthetically as well as musically, and dedicated intense sessions for its members to learn and arrange the songs. After that, the necessity arose to record a medium-length album, to be able to show the public.
In July 2013, the band starts recording what will be their first album to date, “Memory”, on Starfactory Studios in Madrid. “Memory” is comprised of five songs and is the official presentation of the band in the Spanish metal scene. Power, melody, and melancholy form the perfect collage that gives “Memory” a dramatic halo, complex and attracting for any symphonic metal lover.

In November 2016, Alberto Pinto decides to leave the band and is replaced by the current bass player, Raúl Villameytide. Some time later, in September 2019, Andrés López leaves the band, being replaced by Abraham Vadillo, current guitar player of the band. Both bring new and richer shades to the already diverse influences of the band, allowing them to delve deeper into even more progressive details and styles, thanks to Raúl, as well as more powerful and classic Heavy Metal ones thanks to Abraham.
The band is now driven on their compositions and creations with a new speed and dynamic. Apart of many shows in Madrid and around, playing alone or opening for other bands, during 2017 DUNKELMIND committed to two previous agreements and then halted their live activity to focus on their new, 2018 release “Memory II”. 

After several concerts, again, we arrive to 2020 being absorbed by studio activity, until the band is back at the beginning of 2021 with their new release “Vlad: the Trilogy”.

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