Friday, May 7, 2021



I never thought I would write a post about this sad news ...
On April 30, a GREAT person left us, we met in the 80s, I remember in the Metal Komix pub and from there I went to see him play in a performance and we greeted each other at bowling and we had some endearing talks there, the The last one was at the Discos Discenter store in Badalona, ​​although I was never one of her closest circle of friends since within the Metal scene of Barcelona we moved in different groups of friends, but if you are Metal in Barna, you had to yes or yes to Lemmy and yes he knew him, as a close, friendly and very close friend of his friends.
About three years ago when I entered Facebook, I followed him, I loved his very elaborate chronicles about guitarists and I watched some video of his on guitar, we are sorry for his health moves and I was happy when he sentimentally returned with his current partner Monica.
Like many things that I do not understand in life, I do not understand this hasty departure but I do know that despite the sadness of the moment, the best tribute to Lemmy is to remember him in the joyful moments of his life with his friends and family, it is worth as an example the last post and profile photo of his inseparable friend Mali Kissero.
I publish three emblematic photos of him.
One of his friend and photographer Fernando Downloadrega in which, as always, his objective captures the essence of the person.
The second is a video of those that he liked to do with his guitars so much, this version of Scorpions that his title seems chosen for this sad post "No One Like You" (Nobody Like You).
And the third and most important last post of his to which I reacted with an "I care" just 12 hours before writing this, was a beautiful post of unconditional love and gratitude that Lemmy wrote to Monica and in which he leaves a sample of the a good person she was and how much I loved her.



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