Sunday, September 26, 2021

Panssarituho - Loputon Teurastus - (Finnish Death Metal)

FFO: Bolt Thrower, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse

"Deathmetal from Finland. We do our stuff with hint of trash, punk and oldschool attitude. Not political, no ideology. Just fucking agressive metal."

Panssarituho was created around 2019. The band began much earlier by Extermus and Invicto while they were drinking and listening to their favorite records, But when Macellarius jumped behind the drums, things started to move forward. Extermus is the band's main writer but Invicto does all bass lines and Macellarius writes drumparts. Lyrics are mainly written by Extermus and Macellarius, with some help by Invicto. We mostly write about war, because we think that it is a very interesting, but cruel and violent subject to write about. We recorded demos very old school way with very low budget. The new recording "Loputon Teurastus", is way more produced, but it is still uncompromising. There is still no digital improvements in this record and it is mixed and produced by ourselves. So what you hear you will definitely get also in live situations. The songs are a bit more thrashier than the demo songs, but the topics are still the same. We really believe, that the true and authentic music and the way of making it, is way more satisfying than just do everything the same way than everyone else. Never say never, but Panssarituho will always sound raw and brutal!

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Panssarituho - Loputon Teurastus
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