Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Dragon’s Kiss Barbarians of the Wasteland (2014). (Review by Alex Mandel)


Curious proposal from Portugal. The original album is from 2014 but has now been reissued on vinyl. Musically it goes well but the voice is difficult for me. The problem I have found is that Barbarians of the Wasteland, which is the theme that gives the LP its name, I don't see it as being the first, it gives me the feeling that it would have to be in the middle, not at the beginning and there I limps a bit. The second, Ride for Revenge, yes. I would have put it earlier. Vocally I still have a hard time but here the voice is more compensated and musically they are impeccable. It is more of those song that you would put to all chestnut. The third song, Ride Till We Die has an original composition. I do not know how to see clear influences so it is positive in that they are very personal and also very elaborate without being tiresome. It takes me a bit to get the hang of them, but they have it. Maybe it's a bit long for me, but you have to listen to it.

Wild Pack of Dogs is badass. It is also original. The voice gives it a personal touch. The guitars give a classic but very original touch to the composition. Although more than the voice, I see throughout the album that would have given them more power. More strength in the production because the truth is that they have it, a pity that it was not reflected in the recording at least as I think it should be. The instrumental part is amazing, but as always throughout the album. The time has come for the version, one that I would never have imagined: Somewhere up in the Mountains by the Marquis de Sade of the nwobhm ... they nail it. They give it a different touch, the singer takes the edge and the truth is that with his personality, they make a cool, unexpected and original version. Slower but more powerful in Castle of the Witch. The production sounds a bit dirty in my modest opinion, sharper would earn much more. And the same power. It is a cool song but it suffers from this, the poverty of sound that tarnishes the composition. Another version and again that stay with me: Rock'n'Roll Soldiers by The New Order. Here the voice fails me a bit again. The version is even more original and is well executed but it does not quite convince me at the level of the previous one without being a shit or much less. It's okay but not at the level of the previous one. And so we go to the end of the album, just and necessary 8 songs without reloading or filling with the powerful I Embraced the Serpent and the Devil in the Dark, with very elaborate riffs and feeling. Fast theme and again with its characteristic originality. They say goodbye with a good theme. And it is a good work, very original without strange paranoias but perhaps the voice and the production, especially the latter, which remains all that could shine. A very interesting proposal.

Score: 7/10

Alex Mandel


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