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Engulf The Dying Planet Weeps Everlasting Spew Records Radio Impact: 6 November 2023 Release: 12 January 2024

 ENGULF 'THE DYING PLANET WEEPS' (January 12th 2024)

The brutish yet dark vibes outline the spectrum in which Engulf moves its steps. Catchy riffs, gnarly vocals, savage Death Metal!

New Jersey's Engulf is Hal Microutsicos' (also in Blasphemous) Death Metal solo project. After 3 story-driven Eps released from 2017 to 2019 with the intention to draw out a genuine Death Metal approach and sound, spanning from the forefathers of the genre to much more modern approaches, Engulf is now ready to step up and unleash its massive and savage first full length debut album "The Dying Planet Weeps".

2017 - "Subsumed Atrocities" Ep
2018 - "Gold and Rust" Ep
2019 - "Transcend" Ep

For fans of:
Hate Eternal, early Gorguts, early Decapitated and early Ulcerate

Formats available:
- CD
- Vinyl (spring 2024)
- Tape
- Digital

Technical info:
Code: SPIT082
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Kelly, winter '21-spring '22.
Mastered for vinyl by  Carlo Altobelli, winter '23.
Giacomo Gastaldi (Darkend) - all bass guitars.
Kevin Muller (Alluvial) - vocals on track 2.
Sven de Caluwé (Aborted) - vocals on track 3.
Pat Bonvin (Near Death Condition) - guitar solo on track 6.
Enrico "H." Di Lorenzo (Hideous Divinity) - vocals on track 7.
Chris Kelly - guitar solo on track 7.
Nick Microutsicos - lyrics on tracks 3 and 6.
Artwork by Par Olofsson, fall '21.
Additional artwork by Misanthropic Art, spring '23.
Logo by Steve Crow/Malevolent Icons.

Hal Microutsicos - Lyrics, instrumentation, drum programming and vocals.


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