Wednesday, March 18, 2020

AQUILA - Metalcore/Canada

Aquila is Southern Ontario metal band. Found 2006 by Matt McGuire and Anthony Rimac. 2009, they released Imperium. After touring Canada and selling out the Imperium album, they are ready to release 2 Eps. First Valle Mortalitatis and The Covenant.
Aquila is a heavy metal band from South-western Ontario..

Founded in 2006 by drummer Matt McGuire and guitarist Anthony Rimac during the "UofW" days in Windsor Ontario, they decided to create heavy music and search for other members for the band. After Mike Percy (Bassist) and Matt Shelson (guitarist) joined the band, they tried out many different vocalists and finally called upon Mark Arruda to fill the role. Once this lineup was established, Aquila was born!

In June of 2007, Aquila entered the studio to record their first 3 song demo with Glenn Fricker of Spectre Media, and then a second demo in early 2008. During this time, they played a number of shows throughout southwestern Ontario and began establishing a small, but awesome fan base among the southwestern Ontario metal-heads. In 2009, Aquila entered the studio with a new member, Chase Bryant (Bass) and began work on their debut album, Imperium.

Throughout 2009 to 2013, they toured their album across Canada, including a lengthy east and west coast tour, and multiple weekly Ontario shows. After selling out copies of Imperium and taking some time off, Aquila is ready to release 2 Eps.

The latest release is called Valle Mortalitatis, mixed and mastered at Spectre Media and vocals recorded by Jon Howard of Threat Signal. The band is currently working on mixing their second Ep, The Covenant.

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