Wednesday, March 18, 2020

APE VERMIN - Progressive sludge metal ( United States )

APE VERMIN is a 3-piece act delivering a hellish avalanche of Sludge with thick Progressive tendencies. Comprised of 22 yr old Guitarist/Vocalist Brett Lee, 21 yr old Drummer William Deal and 26 yr old Bassist/Vocalist Jeb Laird. With plans of comic books, arcade-esque video games, exotic merchandising and Megalithic slabs of content, APE VERMIN is ready for the future.

1. Astral Drones 09:28  
2. Oath 04:58  
3. Abominable Hashmen 06:09  
4. Witch-Jive 04:19  
5. Sonic Monolith 12:10     

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