Monday, March 30, 2020

Saltsjobaden (1987). Quite peculiar band of the movement that had varied and important 
personalities of the time, among which Matti Kärki (DISMEMBER, CARNAGE), Lars Rosemberg 
(ENTOMBED), Christofer Johnsson (THERION, LIERS IN WAIT) and Markus Rüden (MORPHEUS), 
among others. . At the time of the demos we are shown as creators of a cryptic and 
unpolished Death Metal, to later incorporate psychedelic elements from their second LP. 
A renowned and historical band that is very much worth listening to.
Au-To-Dafe  Demo  1989 
No Canonization  Single  1990  
Recarbonized  Demo  1990  
Demo 1991  Demo  1991   
Cronology of Death  Split  1991   
For the Security  Full-length  1991  
Promo '92  Demo  1992   
Disharmonization  Full-length  1993  
Screaming Machines  Full-length  1996

         Carbonized - Recarbonized (1990)


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