Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Corners of Sanctuary Release Two New Music Videos

Corners of Sanctuary Release Two New Music Videos .After being forced to terminate their recent UK tour last month, due to theUS government's COVID-19 pandemic travel restrictions, Philadelphiahead bangers Corners of Sanctuary (COS) have released two new musicvideos, "Victoria" and "Sandstorm Salvation," in support of their latestEP, "For COS and Country," available on Exquisite Noise Records US.See "Victoria" video here: "Sandstorm Salvation" video here:"We had a choice...," said COS bassist James Pera. "Either stay and keepgoing, running the risk of not being able to return to the States, or cut thetour short and head home. With our return flight already canceled, ourdecision was obvious; we had to leave, unfortunately.”
 Though the tour was shortened, the bandfilmed both videos while in the UK despitetheir limited time. "Victoria" is backdropped with travel footage from variousareas and backstage images while"Sandstorm Salvation" was filmed in theearly morning hours, entirely at a singlelocation in Burnley where the band wasstaying.
 "We were originally scheduled to shoot a video later in the week," said COSguitarist Mick Michaels. "But everything changed...knowing we had to packthings in early due to the circumstances, we were determined to get thevideo filmed somehow," he continued. "So at 8am on a Sunday morning, wefilmed what we could for Sandstorm on an iPhone...all in about an hour,right outside where were staying. Thankfully though, T and James werefilming all the other stuff...those clips definitely came in handy for Victoria."The videos premiered during last Saturday's Metal Babe Mayhemand Symptom of the Metalverse's "Lockdown Rock Down" livestreaming event on Youtube. The premiere also included a positive videomessage from COS.See video message here: .

With no shows scheduled on theimmediate horizon, COS is making thebest use of their time to work on newmaterial including an upcoming digita ldownload pack as well as their nextalbum, "Heroes Never Die.""The best thing we can do now is keepwriting," said Michaels. "With theworld in a bit of a situation, we arecountering its effects as a band by writing new material and recording what we can.”
 When asked if they had any words to say about the COVID-19 pandemic,COS drummer Mad T said, "We just wish everyone well...we're all in thistogether and experiencing a lot of the same feelings...we need to take it oneday at a time and be safe.”Check out Corners of Sanctuary at:Official:


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