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GABRIELS - is an Italian pianist / keyboard player and composer with a baggage Classical / Symphonic and Metal.

Gabriels is an Italian pianist / keyboard player and composer with a baggage
Classical / Symphonic and Metal. Among his works the Rock-Opera "Prophecy" with
on the voice Mark Boals and live performances with Fabio Lione.

Gabriels, son of art, was educated by his father from an early age,
piano study; among his Masters, Salvatore Calafato, Olivia Carauddo,
but it is with Prof. Antonietta Salpietro that she reaches the degree of
I level at the A. Corelli Conservatory of Music in Messina. Interested in
Art medicine, he attends the courses of "artistic phoniatry" of Dr. Foniatra
Alfonso Gianluca Gucciardo, of Dr. Foniatra Franco Fussi and on the "professional voice"
by Dr. Speech Therapist Sabine Hofmann. In the meantime, at the Corelli Conservatory of
Messina, achieves the II level degree at the "Technological Address"
at Sub-Compositional Address, also attending related courses such as the "Nu.Ba.Di."
(New employment basins) and doing internships in the sector in the recording studio
"Studiotape" of Catania; Follows training courses in modern singing by M. Luca Pitteri; the
courses on the "Voicecraft" method held by Prof. Elisa Turlà.
He follows courses on the Musical held by Michele Paolicelli. Parallel to the Classical studies
we also see him busy in Rock, light, blues and Metal. He performs in the area

national team and has participated in numerous competitions, always placing itself in good
positions including: "THE ACADEMY
Latina)," GRAN
ITALIAN SONG AWARD "(A.R.A.A. - Rome). He plays the role of Jesus in the Rock-opera "Jesus Christ
Superstar ”, staged by the“ Sicilia Danza ”school of Milazzo-Barcelona (directed and choreography
by Gianni Martino).
He plays the role of Gringoire in Riccardo Cocciante's musical "The Hunchback of Notredame", staged
by the school
"Sicily dance" (directed by Giovanni Puglisi-choreography Gianni Martino). Member of the "Fabio Lione
(Rhapsody) Band"
as a keyboard player. He holds seminars on "Acoustic Ecology and Professional Hearing Loss" (dedicated
to musicians, sound engineers, DJs)
also of "Understanding and Analyzing the sound" (dedicated to all musicians especially singers).

He collaborated with a Metal web-zine ( which also deals with Classical Music, writing
and articles. He collaborates with associations, dance and music schools carrying out teaching and performance
activities (such as "Sicilia Danza", "The Soul of Music" of the Masters Fabio and Ivan Lazzara. He is the owner
of the "Soundimension Records", Recording Studio / Music School located in Milazzo (ME).

Discography / Discography:
Soloist / Soloist:
Gabriels & Alex: "Don't say goodbye" 2009 (Leggera Italiana, Self Produced)
Gabriels: "Call me" Single 2009 (Rock, Self Produced)
Gabriels: "The legend of a Prince" 2010 (Rock-Opera Self Produced)
Gabriels: "The enchanted wood" 2010 (Electroacoustics, Self Produced)
Gabriels: "Prophecy" 2013 (Rock-Opera, Independence Records)
Gabriels: "Black Gate" Single 2014 (Power Metal, Independence Records)
Gabriels: "Fist of the Seven Stars Act 1" Fist of Steel 2016 (Rock-opera, Diamonds Prod.)
Gabriels: "Over the Olympus" Concerto for Synthesizer and Orchestra in D Minor Op. 1 2017 (Diamonds Prod.)
Gabriels: "Fist of the seven stars act 2" Hokuto Brothers 2018 (Rock Opera, Rockshots Records)
Gabriels: "Fist of the seven stars act 3" Nanto Chaos Coming Soon in 2020 (Rock Opera, Diamonds Prod.)

Denied: "Seven Stars" 2010 (Power Metal, Self Produced)
Metaphysics: "Beyond the Nightfall" 2012 (Prog Metal, SG Records)
Platens: "Out of the world" 2014 (AOR, MelodicRock Records)

As Guest:
Antonio Pantano: "Arcandia" 2014 (Metal-Opera, Self Produced)
Drakkar: "Run with the Wolf" 2015 (Power Metal, My Kingdom Music)
Vivaldi Metal Project: "The Four Seasons" 2016 (Symphonic Metal, Pride and Joy Music)
Fabiano Andreacchio: "Living de Groove" 2016 (Electronic Metal, Sliptrick Records)
Deshody: "89th" 2016 (Hard Rock, Self-Produced)
Aldaria: "Land of light" 2017 (Power Metal, Pride and Joy Music)
Choirs of Veritas: "I am the way, the truth and the life" 2017 (Symphonic Metal, Underground Symphony)
Tommy Vitaly: "Indivisble" 2017 (Classical Metal, SG Records)
Ancestral Prelude: "Oblivion" 2018 (Fighter Records)
Beto Vazquez 'Infinity: "Humanity" 2018 (Sleaszy Rider Records)
Iliour Griften's Heaven Denies: "The essence of power Pt.1" 2019 (Infinite Records)

Gabriels is a Piano/Keyboard player and Composer from Italy with Classical, Symphonic and Metal background.
 Boasts collaborations with Mark Boals, Fabio Lione, Beto Vazquez, Tommy Johansson and more.

Gabriels, son of art, was educated by his father since an early age at the piano studies, among his teachers,

Salvatore Calafato, Olivia Carauddo, and with Prof. Antonia Salpietro he reaches the degree of the I level at
the Conservatory of Music A. Corelli (Messina, Italy). Along with his Classical studies, Gabriels starts his
career as Rock and Metal keyboardist listing various studio and live collaborations, performing recently, among
others, with one of the greatest Metal singers, Fabio Lione (Rhapsody of Fire, Angra).
Gabriels, under his name, has released singles, an EP and other albums both as a soloist and as a band member 
(under the complete discography). He has collaborated with a Metal web-zine ( that is also
involved in classical music, writing reviews, and articles. Gabriels  works also as producer at his own studio
and school of music “Soundimension Records” located in Milazzo (Italy). On 2013 he releases the album “Prophecy” (
Indipendence Records), a rock-opera dedicated to September 11 victims with Mark Boals on vocals. Member as keyboardist
of Fabio Lione's band. On  June 2016 partecipated as arranger and keyboardist to the album “Vivaldi Metal Project”

produced by Mistheria and Alberto Rigoni and has within it many internationally renowned artists from around the world.
In 2017 is out "Over the Olympus" a concert for Synth and Orchestra with special guests Mistheria and Styx Synthmonster
and the director Yusaku Yamada and his japan Orchestra. In 2018 participates as author and keyboard player in the last 
Beto Vazquez' Infinity album "Humanity". Currently engaged in his longest and most important work  with so many big names
as guests and intitolated “Fist of the seven stars” dedicated and freely adapted from "Hokuto no ken" a Japan manga and
anime!!! Divided into 5 acts we arrived at the 3 that will be realesed in 2020 and intitolated "Fist of the seven stars
act 3" Nanto Chaos with Tommy Johansson (Sabaton) on vocals and guitars.  Meanwhile engaged again in the "Vivaldi Metal Project
2" (with ever Mistheria as mastermind )as arranger and keyboardist where this time promises to be a work of biblical proportions.

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