Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Rotting was born in 2015, with members with experience, giving
to be known as a new proposal for Bogota Death Metal.
The lyrics are a criticism of the entire political establishment of his country.
They have a classic raw sound, which brings us back to the Death Metal of
90, with a professional formation.
Rotting are working on a projection not only for Colombia
if not to publicize the national metal abroad.

The band currently has their first album "Orgy Of Blood
And Pleasure Of The Flesh ", containing 6 tracks, produced by
Scrap Metal Productions and released on February 23, 2019.
Line up:
Arnol Vargas                                  Vocals
Giovanni Perez Lozada                    Drums
Eduardo Loyo                                 Bass
Christhiani C. Contreras                Guitar

Orgy of Blood and Pleasure of the Flesh

1.     Orgy of Violence     05:26     
2.     Rotting     05:05     
3.     Crushing My Soul     05:26     
4.     Blood on My Hands     03:44     
5.     Season of Devastation     06:02       

6.     Carne de machete     03:42      
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