Sunday, May 31, 2020

EAMONN McCORMACK's new album "Storyteller" now available in physical format

         Eamonn McCormack: "Storyteller" is now on sale in physical format


               The album is available in digital format from April 10
 After you have delayed the release of the album, you can now buy 
Eamonn McCormack's new album "Storyteller" in physical format. In
digital format it is available from April 10.

Eamonn is an internationally recognized Dutch blues-rock singer-songwriter
and guitarist.

"Storyteller" is the title of the new album, consisting of eleven original
tracks, whose core was recorded live in the studio to capture the true
essence of Eamonn with his young and energetic band.

Producer Arne Wiegand knows what energy is in music and where it comes
from! That was the goal and exactly what they accomplished, "to feel the
movement of the hair moving when your neck vibrates" both in the slow and
emotional songs even the fastest ones that will make you circulate on the
highway at high speed. It's the perfect combination of thoughtful ballads
and fun lyrics throughout the album.

Put "Storyteller" by Eamonn McCormack and hit play on your CD player or
mobile phone. Sit back and enjoy the ride! And never, ever, think of missing
it live if it passes through your city.

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