Wednesday, June 17, 2020

ANGBAND - IV (Power/Progressive Metal - Iran)

The exotic Iranians from ANGBAND have been on our label for a very long time! The band from Teheran had been under contract with us since their debut “Rising From Apadana” (2008).

However, since 2012 ("Saved From The Truth") it went very quiet around them. Now, on the upcoming album “IV”, none other than PHARAOH- and CONTROL DENIED singer Tim Aymar takes over the microphone partly. On this album, Progressive Power Metal meet up with Persian folklore in a way, as if there were never two different origins. Calm, thoughtful moments and hymnal metal parts enter into an incomparable symbiosis that can only be achieved by this band.

If you appreciate high quality Metal from real exotic countries, you will go totally nuts with this album!

1. Fighters
2. Visions In My Head
3. Atena
4. Mirage
5. Nights Of Tehran
7. Insane
8. Cyrus The Great
9. Children Of War
10. The Blind Watchmaker
Total Playing Time: 42:54 min


Tim Aymar – vocals
Mahyar Dean – guitars, bass

Ramin Rahimi – drums

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