Sunday, June 21, 2020

DEIMLER - Death Metal/Spain.

DEIMLER is a musical offering to the Gods of Death, all agreed and performed to exist on a plane parallel to reality, a world out of the oneiric, more fictional than real and more real than death itself.
DEIMLER's lyrics and theme are based on a “Dimenssion” created and self-imposed from a universe between two worlds have nothing to do, Matrix and Alien, but that in the minds of their creators there has always been a very real relationship ,. “Zero One” is the first installment of this futuristic themed album saga.
DEIMLER brings us an old school Death Metal, based on the bands that forged this beautiful musical genre, DEMILICH, CARNAGE, ADRAMELECH, DISMEMBER, AVULSED, FUNEBRE, NECROPHILIAC, ENTOMBED, CARTILAGE, DEATH, OBITUARY or GRAVE, among other influences.
The musicians who bring DEIMLER to life are veterans on the scene of their land, they come from Cáceres, and they have decided to go one step further before succumbing to the musical inopia, DEIMLER being the first Death Metal band from Cáceres, that we know of, They have joined their forces, desire and enthusiasm to create something like DEIMLER, and here is the result.
"Zero One" has been mixed, produced and mastered at Moontower Studios by Javi Félez. The guitars, bass and vocals have been recorded at Hell House Studios in Cáceres. The drums have been recorded at Moontower Studios. This work has been composed and written between the months of September 2019 and April 2020.
 1.     Zero One     04:44     
2.     Indoctrinate     03:45     
3.     Your Coffin     04:01     
4.     Mechanical Universes of Flesh     06:12     
5.     Bodily Ransack (Avulsed cover)     03:26    

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