Monday, June 1, 2020

OLD ABUSER - Debut Tape / Brazil

Old Abuser was formed in early 2020 and has L. Zurk (vocals) and me C. China (guitar and drums).
Two old veteran friends from the Metal scene who decided to join forces to celebrate their devotion to Metal, and under the name Old Abuser, we created and recorded some tracks with a simple, raw and primitive sound.
Inspired by bands like Venom, Warfare, Motorhead, Bulldozer, Hellhammer and many others always looking to make a simple, raw and direct sound.
Vociferating lyrics in Portuguese that speak of Metal, alcohol, blood, darkness, etc ...
With the first records completed, in a simple, raw and primitive way, we confirm the release of our debut tape with the support of the infamous record label Murder Records from Holland.
Here are the tracks that will be on our first tape:

Old Abuser - Apodrecendo Novamente

1 - Velhos Junkies
      Intro Coisa Boa... Morrer
2 - Esse Underground Ainda Vai Me Matar
     Outro Fuck Pra Todo Mundo... E Fuck Pra Quem Não Gostar...
3 - Noites Eternas
4 - Heavy Metal Morte
     Intro O Mundo Apodrecendo...
5 - Almas Malditas
6 - Morrer
     Outro V.T.N.T.C.!!!
7 - Abrindo O Caixão (Almas Malditas II)

With the debut tape Old Abuser intends to affirm and strengthen its cult of underground Metal !!!


L. Zurk
R. Ernesto Arrue Bacedo Nº 282
Neighborhood Boa Saúde
Novo Hamburgo / RS

For more information about the tape contact Murder Records



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