Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Interview with Lilith from Korgull The Exterminator by Varg The Mighty.

Today we have an interview with Lilith from Körgull The Exterminator, who have played with bands such as Archgoat, Bulldozer, Ghost, Portrait, Inquisition… And in some of the best underground festivals in Europe. 
⦁    Hi Lilith, how are you doing with everything that’s going on?
Hi, just hoping we get confined again. These have been 3 of the best months in my life! Not having to deal with stupid humans and seeing nature bloom… Death to human race! Argh!
⦁    Let’s get started. Where did you get the band name from?
Our drummer Joe Bastard always wanted to have a band named Körgull The Exterminator as a tribute to Voivod.

⦁    Which has been the best concert up to date in your opinion?
One of my favourite gigs was in Madrid with Omission, Maniac, Atonement and Insulters. It was so good we released a vinyl named “Death Lives” after that concert with a couple of songs of each band that played. Evil forces teamed up on May 1st 2015 for an ultimate alcoholic and catastrophic ritual in Madrid.
⦁    How was the European tour like?
It was really great, as we had the opportunity to play live in countries such as Hungary, Romania, Poland, Slovenia… where we had never been before. We played in small pubs, squatter houses and other crazy places. The response of the fans was brutal and we also had the opportunity to play in one of the best underground festivals in Europe: Old Grave Fest, Bucharest.

⦁    Are there any concerts planned if the situation permits them to happen?

Not really and we had to cancel a few. We’re still not sure if we can present our new album in September live or in streaming. We still haven’t even been able to present our second guitarist Ghorth from Decapitated Christ live.
⦁    Which are the main influences of the band?
Most metal bands, such as Motörhead, Venom, Sodom, Possessed, Slayer, Voivod, Exciter, Razor… It would be an endless list as we’re also influenced by 70’s rock, NWOBHM, Swedish Death Metal, Norwegian Black Metal, etc. Any good stuff.
⦁    How was the writing process for the upcoming album? What inspired the lyrics of the upcoming album?
While we were composing this album, we were all really pissed off due to the political situation in Catalunya. We could say that we were very influenced by what was going on, so the music is really aggressive and the lyrics were going to be more direct, but as they started arresting everyone who spoke against the government I had to rewrite some parts to not end up in jail.

⦁    How do you think you have evolved musically since the first album?
With the years we have managed to make our music sound like Körgull The Exterminator, while still having the same influences of Punk/Black /Thrash. The band now has a sound of its own. After so many years composing together, the songs just come out very naturally.
⦁    Besides the album that will be released later this year, is there any more new music being made?
After so many months confined, we’ve already got 7 songs ready for another album haha.

Thanks for the interview, is there anything else you’d like to add?
Keep the black flame burning!!!!!!


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