Friday, August 14, 2020

Carnosus - Dogma Of The Deceased (Death Thrash -Sweden)

Co-release Satanath Records with Shirley Road Records: new album "Dogma Of The Deceased" of Swedish death/thrash metal band Carnosus is out on March 13th, 2020!

Carnosus is a five piece melodic death metal band from Örebro, Sweden. The band was formed in 2011 when guitarist Rickard Persson, drummer Jacob Hedner and former vocalist Olof Gotting attended the same school. Their vision was to create something that did not really exist - to not sound like anybody else. With a mix of melodic death metal, thrash metal, progressive metal and a pinch of black metal vocals thrown in the pot, the result became CARNOSUS. After creating some demos the band started to play shows, wherever they could at the age of 16. In September 2015, Carnosus began planning their first EP with producer Tomas Skogsberg (ENTOMBED, AT THE GATES, GRAVE among others) at ”Sunlight Studio” Stockholm, Sweden. After a week in the studio ”THE UNIVERSAL CULMINATION” was born. The EP was released in 2016 and thanks to the material Carnosus landed a spot in ”Close-Up Magazine”, a swedish metal zine, as the winners of "the best unsigned band in Sweden in May 2016". Immediately after the recording of ”The Universal Culmination” Carnosus began writing their new album and songs were to be written and rehearsed vigorously over the next 2 years. In late 2018, at the ages of 22-24, Carnosus finally entered the second studio of their lives: ”Studio Fredman” with producers Fredrik Nordström (AT THE GATES, IN FLAMES, OPETH among others) and Robert Kukla to record their debut full-length album ”DOGMA OF THE DECEASED”; In March 2019, Carnosus opened for PESTILENCE and BLEEDING GODS in the Scandinavian dates of the “Reduced to Ashes” Tour. Later that same year, in June, they landed an opening slot for legendary CANNIBAL CORPSE in Zagreb, Croatia.


Jonatan Karasiak - vocals
Rickard Persson - guitars
Felix Ringmyr - guitars
Marcus Strindlund - bass
Jacob Hedner - drums

"Dogma of the Deceased" is the first full-length album by Swedish death/thrash outfit CARNOSUS. Eleven ferocious songs with gut crushing riffs, sexy solos, life threatening vocals, blast beats that sets your apartment on fire and a seven string bass that will make your mother cry. Tying the members separate influences together, the resulting sound is a fresh blend of death, thrash, tech, black and progressive metal. Punishing songs with melodic veins wound together by conceptual lyrics that describes the rise of a totalityrannic empire veiled in gloom. For fans of REVOCATION, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, SYLOSIS, ARSIS, AT THE GATES and RIVERS OF NIHIL, this offering will surely leave no metalhead disappointed. Artwork by Moonroot Art.

01. Envenomation Of The Population
02. Chamber Of Emancipation
03. Lost To Funereal Desires
04. Subjected To Cadaverous Defilement
05. An Illicit Practice
06. Insidious Saviour
07. Deceptive Authority
08. Totalityranny
09. Enthroned
10. Empire Of Gloom
11. Continuum Of Misery

 Length - 45:28

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SAT274 | SRR018

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