Friday, August 14, 2020

Internal Suffering - Unmercyful Extermination

Co-release Satanath Records with Rotten Roll Rex: reissue of mini-album "Unmercyful Extermination" of Colombian technical brutal death metal band Internal Suffering is out on April 29th, 2020!

Official reissue of the legendary mini-album of Colombian most well-known Brutal Death Metal project INTERNAL SUFFERING! Completely remastered including revamped layout and 6 exclusive bonus tracks! A mandatory purchase for any self-respecting fan of classic, cult and extreme Death Metal at its very best! Originally album was released by Macabre Mementos Records in 2001. New version includes 8-page booklet with lyrics, design made by Aleksey Korolyov. Remastered in 2020 by Digivision Records (Belarus). For fans of CANNIBAL CORPSE, SUFFOCATION, VITAL REMAINS, INCANTATION, ORIGIN and many others.

 Line-up 2001:

Leandro Quiza - guitars
Fabio Marin - vocals
Edwin Quiza - drums
Andrés Garcia - bass

 Line-up on split with INDUCING TERROR:

Leandro Quiza - guitars
Fabio Marin - vocals
Edwin Quiza - drums
Andrés Garcia - bass

 Line-up on "Brutal Domination Tour" DVD:

Leandro Quiza - guitars
Fabio Marin - vocals
Fabio Ramirez - drums
Andrés Garcia - bass

01. Unmercyful Extermination
02. Dominating Thunderous Force
03. Breeders Of Chaos
04. Outside Dwellers
05. Catacombs Devourer
06. Decapitation Of The Weak

Bonus tracks from split with INDUCING TERROR (2005)
07. Valley Of The Impaled
08. Summoning The Ancient Ones
09. Unmercyful Extermination
10. Vatican Bombardment

Bonus tracks from DVD "Brutal Domination Tour" (2005)
11. Colossal Vortex (Live 2004)
12. Vatican Bombardment (Live 2004)

 Length - 35:37
 Available for pre-order!

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 Co-release Satanath Records (Russia) with label:

Rotten Roll Rex (Germany) |
 Catalog number:

SAT293 | RRR 142

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